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Going Skydiving For The First Time? A Few Things To Know

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So you want to learn to skydive. Maybe you want to cross it off your bucket list, or perhaps you want to get into extreme aerial sports. Whatever your reason for choosing to do so, skydiving can be an amazing experience to remember. Here are a few things you probably want to know about how to prepare for your big jump.

What should you wear?

You need to have clothes on that allow you to flex freely with the wind, so steer clear of anything constricting like tight blue jeans or heavyweight jackets. Slip into something you would wear for a workout, such as yoga or sweatpants, a tank top, and a tight-fitting t-shirt you can tuck in. It is a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket that zips up also as air temperatures can feel cooler as you dive. Keep in mind to:

  • Wear good tennis shoes with laces that tighten securely
  • Don't wear any jewelry because it could slip off during your dive and cause an injury
  • Avoid floppy clothes that will catch the wind
  • Pull your hair back with a soft ponytail holder so it doesn't get in your face or your tandem dive partner's face

Should you eat before going skydiving?

This is totally up to you. Some people get a little nauseous because of nerves or motion on the flight up, but most people have no issues once they dive. It's a common misconception that skydiving puts a lot of pressure on your stomach, but not really. You may want to stick to lighter foods if you think you will be a little finicky. 

What should you bring with you?

For the most part, your gear should be provided. Most instructional skydiving places or companies that offer skydiving events for likely one-hit divers will provide the gear you need, such as glasses, a harness, and everything else. In some cases, you may be asked to bring your own accessories, such as protective eyewear. A few other things some people bring include:

  • earplugs if you have sensitive ears
  • gum to chew on the ride up to curb nervousness (must be eliminated before the jump, of course)
  • chapstick to protect your lips from the wind

Additionally, make sure you bring along a friend who can watch and grab pics or a video from the ground. This is an experience you are going to want to be documented for sure. Some facilities actually capture videos or pics during the dive and provide copies for sale after everything is complete.