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Your First Royal Gorge Train Ride

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A Royal Gorge train ride that offers panoramic views of the Colorado Rockies and serves appetizers and entrees that have been prepared with locally-sourced ingredients will appeal to young and old patrons. Plan a day or evening trip that is themed or that follows a standard itinerary.

The Colorado Rockies

If you haven't ever visited the Midwest and are unfamiliar with the topography that you will encounter while spending time in the Rockies, researching the views that you will experience will help you visualize what your actual train ride will be like. The rushing waters of the Arkansas River and the jutting rock surfaces that comprise the cliff line may seem spectacular while onboard a train.

This type of scenery would be difficult to traverse by foot and you wouldn't possibly be able to see all of the splendor that you will experience within a couple of hours while being transported by railway. Travelers who have filmed their experiences on the Royal Gorge may feature videos online that you can view at your own leisure.

The Seating

A train ticket that includes a meal and beverages will omit the need to eat in advance. The seating for a train ride will be outlined through an outfitter. Reserve a coach, club, or vista dome seat. A coach seat will be the cheapest option. This type of seating will be located within a fully-enclosed railway car and will feature passenger windows a small dinette table.

A club seat will be a level up from a coach seat. This type of seat will feature plenty of legroom and more spacious windows to look out of. A vista dome seat will contain a glass enclosure that encompasses the top and the sides of the seating area. This type of seat will be the most expensive, but will also provide you with the best opportunity to view the outdoor scenery from all angles.

If you plan on filming a documentary of your trip and want to fully immerse yourself in the train ride, you will be able to capture footage of the river and both sides of the canyon that the train passes by.

A Standard Trip Or A Special Occasion

Review the train's schedule and the various departure and arrival times. You can participate in a day or evening trip that involves traveling across a set route and being supplied with a meal or you can participate in a special occasion that is geared toward a holiday.

For example, if you choose to partake in a Christmas train ride, you and your travel companions may be provided with holiday music, a special holiday meal, and the chance to meet Santa while onboard the train.

For more information on the Royal Gorge train ride, contact a company near you.